Fall Garden and Lawn Clean Up

Why Do Fall Garden and Lawn Clean Up

As the vibrant colors of summer transition into the warm, earthy hues of fall in the upper midwest, and the cooler days of fall set in, I start on a crucial seasonal ritual: my fall garden and lawn clean-up.

The arrival of fall signifies more than just cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and shorter days; it’s a pivotal moment in the gardening calendar. It’s a time to be a diligent gardener, slide into my chore boots, put on my favorite work gloves, gather my trusty tools, and head to my gardens and yard to make sure my gardens remain vibrant and healthy for the next seasons.

I’ll guide you through the essential tools I use to do a quick and effective job of getting my gardens and lawns ready so they are prepared to go into hibernation for a long winter’s nap.

As the days grow cooler and daylight wanes, your garden requires a careful and strategic approach. It’s not merely about tidying up fallen leaves, but also about protecting your plants, rejuvenating the soil, and setting the stage for a successful spring ahead.

We’ll explore the tools you need, the best practices for leaf removal, the importance of mulching, and the benefits of composting. We’ll also discuss the critical task of pruning, which helps your plants thrive in the coming months. Furthermore, we’ll address how to prepare your garden beds and protect your delicate perennials from winter’s chill.

Whether you’re an experienced green thumb or a novice gardener, this blog will serve as your trusted companion in the journey to revive your garden for the fall and prepare it for the seasons that lie beyond. So, put on your gardening gloves, grab your rake and pruners, and let’s embark on the rewarding adventure of fall garden clean-up together. Your garden, and your future self, will thank you for it.

What You Will Need for Fall Garden and Yard Clean-Up

Each of the items listed is not mandatory but will make your experience during fall lawn and garden clean up go smoothly. I strongly recommend all of the protective clothing when using power tools.

Let’s go through each in detail and I will show you the equipment I use. I have listed the most basic protective equipment first. If you are going the next steps and bringing your chainsaw along, consider the chainsaw chaps as another necessary piece of protective equipment.

Gardening Clothing for Fall Season

Chore Boots

UV Shirt

UV Protective Hats

Protective Clothing

Eye Protection

Safety Glasses

Ear Protection | Ear Muffs

Ear Muffs


I wear gloves when doing outside chores as a regular accessory. Probably because we have 2 dogs am seemingly endlessly cleaning up after them, plus I like to keep my manicure looking decent. We also live in the country so I seem to be constantly working my way through some bramble. I have found gloves that help keep the thorns away from my fingers and hands are my favorite. I found thorn-proof gloves on Amazon, and keep them on reorder so I have a pair handy at all times.

If you are not ready for fully padded gloves, you can’t go wrong with a multipack of general-use gloves. Garage, Garden, Automotive, you name it these gloves can handle it. There is even enough to share.

Chain Saw Safety Equipment

If you are looking for full safety equipment to be safe while operating a chain saw and other outdoor equipment as part of your fall garden clean-up, try the Echo workwear combo kit. The full kit contains professional-grade safety equipment protecting you for your garden and landscape jobs that need your chain saw.

This kit is complete with ear muffs that offer superior protection and are comfortable to wear with lightweight ear cups and helmets. A pair of safety glasses that are lightweight and impact-resistant with hard-coated optical grade, abrasion-resistant, polycarbonate lenses that offer 99% protection from the most intense UV rays. Work gloves and professional leg chaps will protect you from spills, cuts, and scraps. Specifics on the kit: Helmet Ear muff Visor Screen System Safety Glasses Work Gloves Professional Leg Chaps Ear muffs meet 29 dBA NRR and ANSI S3.19 standards Helmet with ear muffs and face shield Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards Echo helmet with ear muffs, safety glasses, work gloves, professional leg chaps.


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